Operational Excellence Coaching  with one goal: Sustainable improvement together with your people, not against them. 

Most improvement initiatives do fail for he following reasons:

  1. There is a glorious announcement, which you are going to implement change. You have set up a small team of "experts", that is going to lead all the change initiatives and of course everything will be better afterwards.  
  2. It is tried to implement solutions (too fast and to many), e.g. solutions presented in books or which may have worked in other companies. The consequence is, that your employees won´t get involved and co-create actively. They will be diminished to implement "other people´s" solutions. 
  3. Your employees will be overloaded with "alien language", mostly Japanese words. This comes across in a very strange way and will definitely not support the understanding of the new approach.
  4. A wrong top down approach, which is driven mainly as a cost reduction program, with a too high pressure on conformity, with rigid project plans and with to many and wrong KPIs. Speed is more important then sustainability. 
  5. There is no consensus in your management team about the What, How, When, Where and Who.
  6. There is no holistic allignment and activities are not synchronized. You start one pilot project and then you start the next one. You start a infinite loop of workshops and do concentrate only on one business area (in the past always production).  


What is Fischer & Partner doing differently?


We are happy to share the Fischer & Partner approach with you in person.



Typical projects in the last couple of years:

  • Implementation/ optimization of shop floor management
  • Optimization of product creation processes
  • Implementation of effective KPI- systems
  • SMED- Workshops (reduce change over)
  • Quality improvement projects
  • Lean Leadership trainings
  • 3P Workshops
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