Our Vision:

Holistic Business Excellence

In order to realize our Vision we are using the two most effective sets of thinking and acting principles for improving organizations and business processes from the last 40 years. 


This is the TOYOTA WAY (also known but not always properly translated as Lean Management) and the  THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS.


In contrast to the prevailing management thinking and acting, these two approaches are designed to achieve to HOLISTIC OPTIMIZATION.

Most companies still follow the approach of LOCAL SILO OPTIMIZATION and believe that adding LOCALLY optimized elements will automatically add up to HOLISTIC OPTIMISATION.  



The 14  Management principles of the TOYOTA WAY describe in unprecedented detail how Philosophy, Process, People & Partners and Problem Solving need to be harmonized in order to achieve holistic business excellence. 

Taichi Ohno (1912 - 1990), founder of the Toyota Production System



In 1984 Eliyahu Goldratt published his book "The Goal", which was initially focusing on production bottlenecks and how they affect the overall throughput of the company. In the following years he developed the "THEORY OF CONSTRAINTS"- approach in order to solve other probelms in companies. He worked out effective solutions for operations, project management/ engineering, marketing, sales, distribution, suppy chain management, strategy development and and implementation tactics. 

Eliyahu Goldratt (1947 - 2011)

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